Applying to a Non-Degree Program


The steps to enrollment depend on a student's specific goals and current academic status. To begin the process, determine which statement below most closely matches your goals.

I want to take a non-credit HSEC, ABE, or ELA class.

1. 参加分班考试
All students intending to enroll in HSEC, ABE or ESL classes must take a placement test before registering for classes. For specific information on ABE and HSEC class, call the Office of 成人教育, 请拨打708 656 8000, Ext. 2366或电邮 成人Ed@莫顿.edu

2. 注册课程
The 成人教育 Department can help determine appropriate classes to take. 所有ABE的注册, HSEC and ELA classes will be scheduled following the administration of the placement test.

5. 支付学杂费
All 成人教育 classes are free of charge; however, there is a nominal fee for HSEC instruction.

I'm not seeking a degree; I just want to take classes.

1. 申请入学
Fill out New Student Information Form and submit it to the Office of 入学及记录 along with a copy of your high school transcripts or HSEC test scores, as well as transcripts from all colleges previously attended.

2. 参加分班考试
Students must take a placement test before registering for an English or Mathemetics course (or a course with an English or mathematics prerequisite). Students may be exempt from placement testing based on previous college credit or ACT scores. For more information, contact the 学术顾问 Center at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2250.

4. 注册课程

5. 支付学杂费

I want to take a Community Service Class

1. 参观 Community Service Instant Enrollment page

2. Enter all required information
To use the search function, you must first log in to the 黑豹门户. You may also click the Submit button to see a list of currently offered courses.

3. Pay for the Community Service class
Enter credit card information.