恭喜你被澳门新葡新京录取! Your online 新生迎新(NSO) experience will provide you with opportunities to build community virtually, 帮助你了解如何成为MC的学生, 并指导您完成咨询和注册过程. 

Whether this is your first year in college or you are transferring to MC, 我们希望你了解MC,为你的课程做好准备. 所有新生都需要在线NSO的所有组成部分. 


Your 新生迎新(NSO) experience is a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, 还能学到很多信息. 我们理解你可能会忘记一些事情, 我想重温一些新概念, 并在过程中提出问题. 

新生迎新小组, academic Coaches, and partners from across the campus are here to guide you through this process.

Follow these simple steps to complete your online NSO program before classes begin.


Please log into your Panther Portal 随时完成在线模块.


  1. 提交正式成绩单和/或SAT/ACT/AP考试成绩: Students must request for their official test and high school/college transcripts to be sent over to our Office of Admissions & Records. Test scores will determine if the placement test can be waived. 然后,要求在线“评估”你的成绩单 here.
  2. 经济援助、奖学金或付款计划: Make your appointment with your financial aid advisor by calling 708.656.8000 ext.2428 or email It is important to meet with your financial aid advisor to verify all documents and forms are completed in order to receive your aid. 不符合FAFSA或RISE ACT资格的学生, should still check-in regarding scholarships and students loans options. Students who do not qualify for any option above must set up for a payment plan through the Cashier's office 708.656.8000 ext.2268,,或访问他们的Panther门户自助服务菜单.
  3. Academic Advising: Make your appointment with your academic advisor by calling 708.656.8000 ext.2250 or email It is important to meet with your advisor to discuss your college and career goals, select your courses for the semester based on your program interest, 安排一次分班测试. 咨询处位于B栋一楼. 秋季学期开始注册!
  4. 注册后,领取您的图书: 知道你在上什么课?  Awesome!  You can visit our Follet E-Bookstore and purchase or rent your materials.  Purchase your books early so you can get a head start and be ready for your first day of class.


NSO part 2事件-保存日期

August 10th 2023

Both parts of NSO are mandatory for students who have graduated from High School within the last 3 years (Class of 2020-Present). 不完成将导致以后的注册暂停.

Transfer, GED, and returning students are not required to complete NSO.

电话:(708)656-8000分机. 2318 or ext. 2484

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Center is available to help students create a coursework plan that allows them to succeed at Morton College.

Every student should meet with an Academic Advisor frequently to ensure that they have current academic information and are making progress toward their educational goals.

  • Academic advising
  • Educational planning
  • 学院和大学转学要求

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office makes every effort to assist qualified students who are in need of funds to continue their education to secure the grants, loans, scholarships, and student work-study program opportunities that can help them meet their educational and professional goals.

Athletic Department

The Morton College Athletics is to provide a superior experience for all of our student-athletes and provide them with the highest quality athletic program that will give them a foundation to help compete for Illinois Skyway Conference championships, National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) championships and help them become better athletes and better students in the classroom.

Student Activities

Here you will have the opportunity to meet other students and create long lasting friendships, 发展个人和专业技能, 与校园部门和社区组织建立联系, 并参加黑豹的体验!


The pantry is an available resource available to you and with our partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository we provide a variety of food options, toiletries, and general information about SNAP benefits and other resources. So be sure to check it out on the third floor of building C and use it as much as you need.


在COVID-19大流行期间, our Morton College response has been focused on our campus community’s health and safety. We will continue with our commitment as a guiding principle of our return to campus plans for faculty, staff, and students. We continue to closely monitor CDC recommendations and state guidelines.


The 学生办公室主任 is committed to listening and helping you navigate through some of the concerns and challenges you may face as a student. The offices not only handles student conduct issues but also they are your campus advocate and can provide assistance whether it is managing an emergency, 了解校园政策和程序, 帮你找到合适的大学资源.