Registering for Classes – Continuing Students

Continuing Students Have Two Easy Options to register for classes


登录后 黑豹门户,学生可以:

  • 注册课程
  • 查看/打印课程表
  • 支付学杂费
  • 查看个人信息


Students who have issues retrieving their 黑豹门户 log-in information can contact the MIS department at 708.656.8000 ext. 2444或电邮 帮助.desk@莫顿.edu

Register through the Office of 入学及记录 or by contacting an Academic Advisor via 黑豹门户

Students who cannot register through their 黑豹门户 will be allowed to register manually.

Some of the reasons students cannot register online:

  • GPA低于2.0- student may need to complete a SAP appeal
  • Pre-requisite courses not completed
  • 转移学分未评估
  • 开放限制/持有

If students do not know what classes they need for their specific programs, 我们鼓励他们, to make an appointment with an academic advisor for 帮助.  点击这里 to visit our 学术顾问 website.




All students planning to receive or apply for 金融援助 (FAFSA/RISE ACT) should consult with the 金融援助 office before registering for classes to ensure all proper documentation is submitted. 点击这里 for more hours and contact information.

Students not planning on applying or receiving financial aid should be prepared to enter into a payment plan or pay in full upon registering for classes. 点击这里 for the Spring Payment plan schedule.

Do you need to change your schedule?

Students who need to make any changes, such as dropping classes and registering for new sections, 可以通过黑豹传送门吗.

Student who cannot add or drop classes online can contact the Office of 入学及记录. 点击这里 浏览划桨局网页.

Register in 入学及记录

Students who have SAP appeals approved, 运动员, and some transfer students can register in the Office of 入学及记录 using a completed 登记 form. Only when it is determined that a student cannot register through their 黑豹门户 will they be allowed to register in the Office of 入学及记录.